Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The Bridge

I've watched the previous three series of The Bridge, the Scandi-Noir crime drama set in Sweden and Denmark, and really enjoyed them, so I was excited to find out that Series 4 had arrived. However, I then forgot it was on, and missed the first episode because Chris and I had decided to watch a film that evening instead! And then I missed episode two aswell!

Tonight though I settled down with BBC iPlayer and caught up, and it's safe to say I'm completely hooked already! I can't wait for the next one (although I still have no idea what day it's on, so I'll probably miss it again and have to catch up)...

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

More Socks!

I seem to have been working on my 'Blue Lagoon' socks forever. I can't remember when I started and finished the first one, but I started the second one on the 1st May...

Just beginning the toe section

... and I finished it today!

I also finished my first 'Cranberries' sock, as that one was also up to the toe section, so now I have to start the second one of that pair. I think there may be a 'design feature' in this one, due to a lack of concentration. I was on needle no. 3, which begins with a K1, SSK... but as I got to the end I realised I'd just done a K2Tog. However, when I counted the stitches on the needle, I still had the correct amount, so I can only assume that I actually forgot to do the SSK at the beginning. I hate having to tink stitches, so I thought I'd just carry on and hope for the best. The next round was a 'Knit all the stitches' and then it was back to a decrease round, which I made sure I did correctly. I actually forgot to check it once I'd finished it, but I'm assuming there will be a rogue decrease where there shouldn't be, although I'm not sure how visible it will be. It may mean that I end up keeping them for myself rather than donating them to the Yarndale Sock Line.

Today's finished items!

Monday, 21 May 2018

Job Interview

So, I've been invited to an interview for the job that I applied for a few days ago. It's not until June, but of course, I'm worrying about it already!

There are about eight of us being upgraded. We were told that we'd have to go through the process of applying for the job and having an interview, but that it's basically a 'formality' - we're all going to get the job, or rather we're going to get the upgrade, because the job is the same as what we're doing now. It's just that there are others in the department who are currently a higher grade than us, so we're being brought in line with them.

It's a strange position to be in, because on the one hand, I think I should treat it as a serious job interview, so I made an effort with my application form and tried to 'sell myself' for the role. But on the other hand, I wonder how seriously the manager who's going to be conducting the interview is going to take it. She did say that the interview would be more like an informal chat, so I wonder if she'll even read the application forms?

I need to find a smart outfit to wear, and I suppose I better have a think about the kind of things I should talk about, just in case they do decide to take it seriously.

I'll be glad when it's all over, I'm going to be worrying about this for weeks now...

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Hot, Isn't It?

Well, it has been hot today in the UK - in fact, we've had quite a lot of pleasantly warm days just lately.

I'm not really much of a sun-worshipper - I like it when it's warm but I'm not too bothered about the sun beating down all day. I tend to stay fairly covered up, in the shade. Today though, I did something I hardly ever do, I actually sat out in the garden and sunbathed for a while. Made sure I put suncream on first, and then just sat there in a chair, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my skin. I hope the extra shot of Vitamin D will do me some good...


Saturday, 19 May 2018

The Royal Wedding

I watched it. I loved it. 


Congratulations Meghan and Harry.


Long live love.


Friday, 18 May 2018

Brave Hearts

I watched a fascinating programme this evening on BBC iPlayer, called Heart Transplant: A Chance To Live.

It covered a year in the life of seven patients waiting for donor hearts, and looked at some groundbreaking technology which will hopefully radically increase the number of transplants which will be performed in the future.

I've had open-heart surgery twice, though not a transplant, but so much of what these patients were going through was familiar to me. Watching the programme made me very emotional, mostly for their situation, and partly for my own. It's hard to put into words how it makes me feel. I know I'm very lucky, that although my condition was serious, it was also treatable to an extent, but I'm also very aware that I have a heart which doesn't work 'properly'. Repeated heart surgery brings extra complications, one of them being adhesions or scar tissue within the chest cavity, and should I ever need to have more surgery it would be extremely risky. I hope I never do need another operation, but it's always there, at the back of my mind.

The programme was really interesting, and I would urge you to check it out on iPlayer while it's available.

Also, if you haven't done already, please think about becoming an organ donor, and talk about it with your loved ones, so that they know your wishes, and you know theirs.

Thursday, 17 May 2018


So I said I'd take a photo of the other sock that I'm working on.

The yarn is called Cranberries and is by KnitGlobal. I'd say the colours in this photo are fairly true to life, it's a kind of brownish-burgundy, with paler light brown/cream bits in it. As I said before, I'm not sure how I feel about the colour pooling, but I'll wait until both socks are finished before I make a decision. If I decide that I'm not too keen, I could always donate them to the Yarndale Sock Line, so they definitely won't go to waste.