Tuesday, 12 April 2016


I've been a bit rubbish at updating this blog, haven't I?

Real life just kind of takes over, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, if I could have more crochet hours in the day, obviously I wouldn't say no to that, but it's not going to happen so I just have to fit it in when I can.

As has happened previously, I had a brief dabble in the world of "trying-to-sell-some-crochet", but it was to no avail, and it's kind of fallen by the wayside. I'd love to make a little bit of money from it if I could, but the bottom line is that I really don't have a 'business brain' - the thought of taking money from someone for a thing that I've created fills me with so much self-doubt that it puts me off straight away. I shouldn't really admit that, just in case I have another go at selling in the future, but that's the honest truth.

So instead, I've come back around to thinking that I should just concentrate on crocheting things for pleasure, either for other people or myself, and just forget about the whole money-making idea. My Folksy shop, therefore, will probably be quiet for the foreseeable future, and I don't have any new patterns to add to Ravelry (although I do have an idea bubbling away).

I'm trying to be more active on Instagram, to the point where I'm wondering if, like many others have done, I might eventually stop blogging all together and just use IG. I'm not sure yet. It's a dilemma!

Anyway, I'm going to just try and do a really quick yarny/crochet catch-up now, covering the last few months.

Back in September, I had a wool-winding session of some of the 'posh' yarns that I've purchased, with a view to actually using them.

I made a hot water bottle cover

At the end of September, I had my third visit to Yarndale, where I found my mandala again, and I made a few purchases

Top row, centre, pink middle, yellow round the outside

Seeing this photo again has just filled me with unspeakable joy, because I'd completely forgotten about the two skeins on the right hand side!! Honestly, it's like when you find a £20 note that you didn't know you had, but ten times better! Oh wow, I need to go and find them and smoosh them!!

Back in October, I followed a couple of crocheted blankets for a while, and was very concerned that they might fall off and be left in the road, like rags

In November, I made another Highlighter blanket, but reversed the colours

It was my birthday in January, and I (shock! horror!) crossed to the dark side and requested some KNITTING NEEDLES!!

Oh, I also got a hot water bottle and hand warmer...

... and some stitch markers
Some time between January and now, I crocheted a hat and fingerless mitts to go with my Wicked Scarf, (which I can't believe I made in 2014!) but I didn't photograph them until recently. The mitts have been well worn, the hat, not so much. I'm not really a hat person.

Skip forwards to just over a week ago, and I finally finished a cardigan that I've been making for months, on and off. I still need to get some buttons for it, but that will probably take me forever, so I'll wear it 'edge-to-edge' for now.

This was actually made with the yarn on the left of the top picture - it's Pendle 4ply by Eden Cottage Yarns. I altered the sleeves to make them more fitted, so I've got a bit of the yarn left.

Once I'd finished the cardigan, I allowed myself to start something new. I've been itching to have a go at knitting socks, hence the birthday presents. I tried learning to knit a few years ago, but never got the hang of it, so I had to watch Youtube videos just to learn how to cast on. I had a go on my new circular knitting needles, and I thought it was quite neat for a first attempt.

It's all gone downhill from there. I was planning on following Winwick Mum's sockalong, and I noticed she advised not to cast on on the circulars, as they are too small, and to try straight needles instead. So I did, and it was an unsightly mess, and I was a bit surprised at just how rubbish I am. I thought a few years of crochet might've somehow helped, but if anything I think it's had the opposite effect, because I want to hold my yarn and needles like I do for crochet, which doesn't work. So knitting is kind of on hold for now. I haven't given up on it, but I really want to make some socks, so for now I'm trying out a crocheted sock pattern, in the hope of finding one that looks as good as a knitted one.

So I think that's me kind of up to date. I really don't have a vast output, do I? I'm going to try and blog more regularly about what I'm up to, although it might all appear on Instagram first, if I get more into the habit of using that.

In the meantime, happy hooking!

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