Sunday, 28 August 2016

Cream Blanket Of Forever

I haven't had a lot of crochet to show you just lately. Or rather, there has been a lot, but it's all been very samey.

It began in June 2015 actually, with these:

My mum asked me to make her a large bedspread/throw/blanket - whatever you want to call it - to completely cover her single bed from top to bottom, side to side, sitting about an inch off the floor all the way around. She wanted it in these squares, and she wanted a kind of raised seam between them all, like a grid pattern.

I was enthusiastic to begin with, but then the thought of just making square after square after square really got to me, and there were periods where I didn't touch it for weeks at a time. I finally finished it about a week ago, so although it's been over a year, I think in reality it was probably no more than 100 hours (which is still a lot, and probably quite slow). When I started making them, it used to take me 30 minutes to complete one square, but by the end, I was averaging just less than 20 minutes. There were 154 squares in total, and then of course they all had to be joined right at the end (11 x 14) and then a border of a few rounds of double crochet to finish.

Unfortunately, when we laid it over her bed it didn't quite come as close to the floor as we'd hoped. We'd tried measuring and guessing how big it needed to be, but we knocked a bit off to allow for the weight and stretchiness of the finished blanket. As it turned out, it didn't stretch as much as we thought, despite the fact that it weighed about 3kg, which is almost half a stone!

It was made in Stylecraft Special Chunky, in cream, and the patter was the Sunburst Granny Square.

It was quite difficult to get a good photo of the finished blanket, but here it is, in place on mum's bed

She was pleased with it, and so was I, but I'm soooo glad it's finished!

* * *

I did do other bits and bobs of crochet, not all of which have been photographed, and some are still WIPs because I eventually put everything else on hold to knuckle down and finish the blanket.

I started a Virus Shawl in the EasyKnits yarn that I bought from Yarndale 2014.

It's a lot bigger than this now

I really like this, but I don't know how big to make it. I kind of want to use all of the yarn, because I don't know what else to do with it if I don't, but I'm worried that it'll come out too big, especially once it's blocked. I followed a YouTube tutorial, but I need to watch the last video to find out how to finish the shawl.

I started making these stash-busting squares with the intention of turning them into a blanket, but it stalled for a bit, and then I thought I'd make a cushion cover instead.

However, I'm rubbish at sewing, and couldn't face the thought of sewing buttons on to fasten it, so I decided to just crochet the cushions (there were two, to make it extra squishy) into the cover, thinking that if it ever needed washing, I'd just risk it and shove the whole thing in the washing machine (*spoiler*).

I was planning to take it to work, to brighten up my dull office, but it turned out that I didn't have anywhere to put it (and it was too bulky to go on my chair), so I brought it back home. And then... umm... the cat was sick on it. So I put it all in the washing machine. And one of the cushions went all lumpy. So I finished up unpicking all the edging and now I have the two 'sides' (16 squares joined together) and I'm not sure what to do with them. Still pondering that one...

A while ago I made this star-shaped blanket for my son, and he's slept with it every night since.

Unfortunately, the little tinker has had a good ol' chew on it, and left it with some pretty big holes and frayed areas

there were bigger holes than that...

The last time it got washed, it basically started unravelling, so the other night I bit the bullet and frogged the whole thing, cutting out the frayed bits and rejoining the yarn. I have a massive ball of yarn now, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I started making a ripple blanket, but I don't like how the variegated colour is looking, so I think I'm going to frog that one, and maybe try a C2C. Again, one to ponder...

In between the Cream Blanket of Forever, I also found time to make my contribution to this years Yarndale Community Project.

Meet Baa-Bee The Sheep!

Yes, she's a Sheep/Bee hybrid because... well, why not? (My partner is a beekeeper, so I tend to draw a bit of inspiration from that now and again).

All details about the Yarndale Sheep can be found on Lucy of Attic24's blog here, although there isn't all that much time left for you to make one and get it sent in.

Here's Baa-Bee getting ready for her trip up the road to Skipton

I hope she arrived safely.

* * *

So that's pretty much all my crochet news. Now that I've finished the Cream Blanket of Forever, I'm really excited to be able to start other projects (and finish some) so I hope I'll have more to show you on here very soon. I think I'm going to reopen my Folksy shop, and make some small stash-busting items to go in there, and we're going on holiday soon, so I need to decide what to take with me. Possibly something fairly quick and easy, like some facecloths, or maybe something like a ripple blanket that I can do without needing to look at a pattern.

Bye for now, and happy hooking!