Monday, 26 September 2016

Happy New Yarn!

After Yarndale 2015, I came up with the idea that there should be a 'Yarn Year', which runs from September to August (a bit like the financial year which runs from April to March). New Yarn's Day would be Yarndale Saturday, because why not?

I wrote about it on my other blog (which I'm kind of winding down, to be replaced by this one). Basically, I made some New Yarn Resolutions, which mostly consisted of trying to use up all the gorgeous luxury yarn I'd bought at Yarndale and one or two other places, rather than just leaving it languishing in a drawer, out of sight and touch, while I waited to find 'the perfect pattern'.

I made a start on using some of it, namely the yarn I had from Eden Cottage which I made into a cardigan

 and some I'd bought from Easyknits, which is currently being made into a Virus Shawl

But I've got a lot left, which of course has just been added to at Yarndale this weekend, so once again, I'm thinking of my New Yarn Resolutions.

I've spent the morning doing a kind of 'stock-take' - I've sorted out all my yarn, and photographed most of it, and the next step is to try and find some patterns for things to make. It's been long overdue, and I feel a bit happier now that I've got myself a bit more organised.

Would you like to join me in making some New Yarn Resolutions? Let me know what you've got planned for all your yarny goodies in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

Bye for now, and Happy Hooking!


  1. A scarf. I bought a skein of greeny blue yarn to make a scarf. This has a problem; it's a skein that I have to wind into balls. That alone could take me until next year!

    1. I have the same problem, all my skeins are going to need winding. I'll have to book a date in my diary when I've got the house to myself, because I kind of take over the whole dining table with my swift and winder!

      Apparently one of the stalls at Yarndale (it was called something like the Knitters Guild, I think) was offering a winding service - wish I'd known about it at the time!