Monday, 7 November 2016

Etsy And Other News...

Well, things have been a bit quiet on the crochet front just lately.

I made a pumpkin hat for my little boy:

It's not as good as some of the knitted ones I've seen on Instagram (which is where I got the idea from), but he likes wearing it. It's a bit big and I didn't appreciate just how much it would stretch, so he'll probably be still wearing it when he's 10 (he's three now).

I finally finished my Virus Shawl but I haven't blocked it yet, so no photo :-(

Ages ago I made a twelve-point star blanket (pattern by Celeste Young on Ravelry) for my son. I can't remember which yarn I used, I think it might have been Rico Design Baby in this blue/cream/white variegated print.

He had it in his cot bed for quite a while and in that time he basically chewed holes in it! He wasn't teething any more - he just likes chewing stuff! The last time I washed it it started to unravel, so I decided to frog the whole blanket, cut off all the frayed ends of yarn and then rejoin it, which left me with this huge ball:

4mm hook for scale
I wanted to make another blanket with it, but not a star shaped one again, so this time I thought I'd try a C2C. When it was getting to a reasonable width, I weighed the blanket and the yarn together and then seperately, and worked out that I should probably start decreasing so that I didn't run out just before I reached the opposite corner. In the end, I had a bit of yarn left over, but I was quite happy with how it turned out:

I didn't bother with a border, I'd kind of had enough at this point! I think the variegated yarn lends itself quite well to the stripey look of a corner to corner though.

I think that was my last finished bit of crochet, but I'm currently working on another small blanket, which I'm hoping to put up for sale.

Speaking of which, I've opened an Etsy shop! You can find the link in the sidebar, or click here. I only have three blankets for sale at the moment, but like I said there will hopefully be another one soon, and I'm going to try and think of some other things to add to it.

Highlighter #1

Highlighter #2

Sweetpea blanket

You can tell I went through a star shaped blanket phase, can't you?!

I've mentioned before that I'm a bit undecided about selling (or trying to sell) my crochet. On the one hand, I'd love to make a little bit of spending money from it (just to feed the habit!), but on the other hand, I feel like I should just make things for enjoyment, and not focus on trying to make money from my hobby. But just lately I thought, what the heck, let's give it another try. I still really want to have another go at dyeing some yarn too, so the odd skein might make an appearance one day.

And speaking of selling things, I'm selling the following books on Ebay:

The Cath Kidston one is a bit of all sorts I think, whereas the others are knitting books.

I think that's all my crochet/yarny news for now. I really need to get my Virus Shawl blocked so that I can take some photos, and start wearing it too!

Bye for now, and happy hooking!

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