Saturday, 27 May 2017

Etsy Update

I've finally got around to having another go at dyeing some yarn, this time with some acid dyes from Colourcraft. I bought a starter kit at Yarndale a couple of years ago, but when I wanted to use it a few months back, I just couldn't find it anywhere! I don't know what I did with it - I can only assume that it was in a carrier bag which then got thrown away 😢.

So I bought some more dyes and I've now got a few skeins of yarn in my Etsy shop.

These four are 75% superwash wool / 25% nylon on DK, 100g:

"Accidental Superhero"


"Under The Lilac Tree"


The following four are 100% Merino Wool 4ply:


"Butterfly Butterfly"


"Out Of Blue Comes Green"

I reskeined the DK yarns, and also Out Of Blue Comes Green, however the other three 4ply yarns haven't been reskeined, so they are as they were just after dyeing. I'm kind of in two minds about whether to reskein my yarns - do you have a preference?

I've also decided to have a go at making a few stitch markers/progress keepers; I only have 4 listings so far, but I'll hopefully be adding more in the near future:





That's all for now!

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